Way Out West fragranced candle by Goest

Way Out West fragranced candle by Goest



Three touchpoints in the day in the life of a cowboy: the cool mineralic waters from a spring at dawn; the hot leather of the saddle at high noon; and the curling smoke of the campfire. This deeply naturalistic, subtle scent smells both indoor and outdoor at once. At its heart? Resinous, soul-filled laurel leaves crushed underfoot (or underhoof).


Color: Bold Red

Notes: Leather, Spring Water Minerals, Ashes.

Aspects: Adventuresome, Elusive, Naturalist.

Additional information:

-    100ml with a burn time of up to 15hrs.
-    Cruelty-free. Not tested on animals.
- Reusable ceramic lidded jar with hand-dyed, hand sewn wool pompom.

Dimensions: 55(h) x 60(diameter)mm

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