Sisy Phus

Sisy Phus was founded by Myrza de Muynck in 2017 and uses a 3d printer to create ceramic accessories and homewares. The pieces are mostly designed by cut up garments and pieces of cloth that are immersed in a composition exposing intimate and human characteristics.
“There is a juxtaposed interaction between the hard technical precision and repetition of the printer and the soft and malleable handmade shapes and character of the clay.The objects celebrate anthropomorphic play, sensations and emotions, pleasure and contemplation. The soft shapes and colourful prints emphasise a feminine and intimate world encoded”.

Enough cloth is plenty and more, more is almost enough for that and besides if there is no more spreading is there plenty of room for it. Any occasion shows the best way.

Gertude Stein

Myrza has a MA in fashion design from Central Saint Martins and has been living and working in London since 2004. As well as ceramic objects she also makes fabric sculptural artworks.

The collection features ‘Pants’ Vases, ‘Cuffs’ Tea Cups and ‘Earrings’ Espresso Cups in either porcelain or earthenware, each piece is hand-painted in either bold leopards, checks or soft hues and metallic accents