Overose’s Perfume House was founded in 2016 with its headquarters standing at Rue Des Martyrs in the 9th district of Paris producing luxury scented candles in a selection of fragrances with an artisanal approach to scented candle making.

“With committed choices, exploration and creative energy, Overose offers and overtly modern and artisan aesthetic where spontaneity lies at the heart of its culture. Each candle is crafted to be beautiful and practical in tune with the everyday loves of the people for whom it is designed. Overose’s focus is on ‘more well-being, more pleasure, more emotion. Rooted in the present, Overose developed an independent approach to perfume built on a clear value system: sincerity, individuality and focus. The brand characteristics are the signature custom made coloured pink wax and matching utilitarian pink glass holder. In its own way, Overose candles are a kind of fantasy: easy, modernist, fresh but also surprisingly urban”.