MOTE Seoul

MOTE, a new Korean artisan scent laboratory based in Seoul produces handmade, organic soaps made using 100% natural ingredients. All soaps are hand marbled using a specially developed technique producing a unique pattern in each soap.

Many so-called natural soaps use harmless raw materials, but these components can combine to create potentially toxic substances in the production process, this makes it difficult for the natural ingredients to be effective on the skin.
MOTE’s signature marbling technique, however, avoids chemically combining the 100% natural moisturising and nourishing ingredients, the integrity of each element is maintained by keeping them in separate layers. This distinct layered marbling technique was designed by MOTE to deliver the highest quality natural ingredients directly to the skin.

MOTE use the highest quality of food-grade oils in their soaps. Unlike other “natural” brands, the soaps are completely free of preservatives or parabens. Creating a product that's closer to nature and safer for you.

The fragrances in each soap are expertly made by artisan graduates of ISIPCA, one of the world’s top three schools for fragrance and cosmetics.
Every single fragrance is created instead of using pre-made bases, the difference is noticeable in the complex, one-of-a-kind scents.