James Duck

James Duck is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art having just completed an MA in Ceramics and Glass, his handmade vases & tableware are made from a raw, unrefined red brick clay and glazed & brightly coloured porcelain.
“I make things. Often clay things.
My practice occupies a space in and between conceptual art, craft, design and sculpture. I make various
objects. Some functional. Some expressive. Some conceptual. But all the objects I make come from, and in one way or another, play a role in a larger ideological agenda.
My latest body of work is a tableware range, Mendax: considered, functional, Scandinavian-Oriental it is "faux-honest" tableware. It embraces its making, its imperfect nature, but does so with hidden intentions. It is comfortable and yet challenging allowing for continual reconsideration”.

James Duck is sponsored by Ibstock South Holmwood.