Ben Sutton Ceramics

Ben Sutton is a ceramics designer/maker based in East London. His work ranges from tableware to decorative bowls and vases with an aesthetic that fuses Scandinavian design with Japanese simplicity. Working exclusively in hand-thrown porcelain, he aims to make work that is visually bold yet elegant and tactile.

Ben has been attracted to the unique qualities of high-fired porcelain since the beginning of his practice; how it’s smooth texture, translucency and whiteness compliment and emphasize a clean form.
His works makes use of both glazed and unglazed surfaces, juxtaposing the warmth of the matt surface with the sharpness of a glossy, translucent glaze.

My work is heavily influenced by time spent growing up in Finland, finding particular inspiration in the homewares of the Kaj Frank, Ingerid Råman, Lisa Johansen-Pape and Alvar Aalto.
This can be seen in my preference for clean lines, for simple forms, combined with occasional use of strong, glaze colour accents. Recent series have included blues, greens and golds, while retaining a distinctive white exterior.